Outdoor Living And Camping Using Portable Generators

Outdoor Living And Camping Using Portable Generators

Comfortable camping has never been easier with portable power generators such as EcoFlow. Just because you're camping doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to electricity, does it? 

What To Look For When Purchasing A Generator For Camping?

Weight and Size

Weight is important when buying a generator for camping as if it is too heavy to carry for long distances this will be a pain. Size is also important when considering what to buy as the portable generator needs to be able to fit in your bag/vehicle with ease. However, if you are camping for long periods of time you also need your generator to be large enough to supply your energy needs.


In certain spaces, having a generator isn’t allowed due to the loud noise.You don’t want the sound of your portable generator to disturb other people’s camping experience.Consider the decibels and aim for a noise output of your generator at a campsite of 50-70 decibels. Solar generators are quieter than Gas generators so this is something to consider if being quiet is a priority.


Another key thing to consider is whether the power generator is efficient, such as how long will your generator run for? If you are planning to camp for longer periods of time then it is vital that your generator is efficient enough to last long enough when you haven’t got the ability to recharge your generator.

What Are The Best Generators For Outdoor Use?

Solar Generators:

Solar Generators are the most eco friendly option and are powered using the sun. Solar generators work by capturing solar energy with solar panels and storing it in a solar battery or portable power station. One benefit of solar powered energy sources is that it does not release carbon monoxide and pollute the environment.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

Because of its unique X-Boost technology, this solar generator can easily power large home appliances such as televisions and microwaves. The DELTA Max offers charging speeds of up to 3600W and can reach 80% charge from a wall outlet in just one hour. For those who truly want to live off the grid, the DELTA Max also works with EcoFlow's range of solar panels. A pro of The EcoFlow DELTA Max is that it is perfect for powering homes, unlike the DELTA 2.

EcoFlow River 2

This is a perfect solar generator for camping and festivals due to its amazing portability. It's ideal for any outdoor adventure where outlets are scarce. Its charging time is only 60 minutes which is perfect for those who are always on the move. It only weighs an impressive 7.7 Ibs so is perfect for travelling long distances.

EcoFlow DELTA 2

The latest addition to the Delta series, has a lifespan of 3,000 cycles and is built to last. EcoFlow Delta 2 offers a 1024 WH and can be doubled by including a Delta 2 Smart Extra Battery. The pros are that the EcoFlow Delta 2 is expandable, power and durable.

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