How Did Energy Safe Store Start & Who Are We?

Our CEO and Founder Mark Boyt, as seen on BBC’s Dragons Den decided to launch Energy Safe Store in 2023, part of the Drone Safe Register group and succeeding with having a DJI Retailer business, Mark and his son Toby Boyt decided to create a similar business model but for sustainable energy products. Tom Boyt helped set up Drone Safe Store also with his Father Mark Boyt, becoming a successful and established retailer. Mark wants to complete the same mission with his other son Toby, we’re a family business run with great values.

Energy Safe Store

Our Business Aim

At Energy Safe Store, our aim is to make purchasing online easier as well as giving customers the best experience possible with fast shipping and excellent customer service where you can always get in touch with quick replies and support.

What Brands Do We Stock & Why?

At Energy Safe Store we currently stock EcoFlow, a large innovative, eco-friendly manufacturer that has had so far some great success with their products, creating power solutions to be used by societies, families and individuals. EcoFlow’s aim is to empower users with meaningful innovation, helping others across the globe to be self-sufficient and dream, explore and live with no limits.

EcoFlow Specialists

Looking ahead of time, sustainability is a very important feature when it comes to new products and items that will be used in the future as it decides where our planet is going. The reason we chose to start a business up regarding sustainable power solutions like EcoFlow is because of its good ethical values towards the world and allows people to be self-sufficient, which is extremely important in uncertain times.

What Makes Energy Safe Store Different?

You can rely on us as your go to retailer for your power solutions when it comes to being able to speak to an expert on the phone instantly, be connected on live chat or email us! Our business values have been designed to provide customers the fastest and best support possible.

Local & Independent

Energy Safe Store, located in Chichester, West Sussex, England is preferably easily accessible for those based in the South of England. We offer both online and in-person services where you can get the right support and information regarding your enquiries. If you can make it to our store we’d love to meet you in person and point you in the right direction, however if you can’t you can still get in touch with our experts within seconds.

Portable Power Station Experts

We know everything about portable power stations, we’d like to offer our expert advice and support, we’re not box movers we care about our customers and want to provide not only great quality dispatch but also general advice on what you could potentially be putting your money into. So enjoy a free consultation call with our team at any point in time!

We will provide you safety and help on how to use a portable power station as well as all the other products we use as some of our products are high voltage and should be treated with care.

Why Did We Enter The Energy Market?

We believe that entering the Energy market is a natural next step due to the nature of our current DJI retailer and the way that everything is going. We see sustainable energy being used to better individuals and families, by saving them money, improving their environmental impact and providing the best portable power in remote locations. The energy market is due to grow and we became the largest independent DJI retailer in the UK within 3 years. We aim to match what we did with DJI as well as the popular power/energy brands promoting sustainable/renewable energy sources.