EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station

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  • Great Battery Capacity
  • Green Clean Renewable Energy
  • X-Stream Technology
  • Solar Charging

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station


The EcoFlow DELTA Pro may be tailored to fit your energy needs thanks to its huge expansion potential. The Delta Pro has a massive 3.6kWh battery on top of being the portable power station with the fastest charging time in the world.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station

Area Of The EcoFlow Delta Pro's Battery


One of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro's numerous advantages is its 3.6kWh battery capacity, which can be expanded by utilising additional Smart Extra Batteries. The power of your battery may be increased from 3.6kWh to a whopping 10.8kWh with just two Smart Extra Batteries.

The extraordinary 25kWh battery capacity of the DELTA Pro can be added if you need even more storage space. Enough to supply your home with emergency power for 13 days (Emergency home use: 1.88 kWh/day (4 lights, a fan, a router, a laptop, and a smartphone) According to customers' average daily electric use in 2019 (statistics from EcoFlow), the daily home use is 29kWh.


Can You Move The EcoFlow Delta Pro


When selecting a portable power station, moving power to the area where you need it is crucial. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro includes a telescoping handle up front and two strong wheels at the back. This enables transferring the DELTA Pro anywhere—inside the house or on your outdoor adventures—a complete snap. You wouldn't even see the retractable handle because of how nicely it folds away towards the front. These capabilities are also included in the Smart Extra Batteries, making it simple to move the power to the necessary location.


Green Clean Renewable Energy Using Solar Charging at 1600WATTS


In about 2.8–5.6 hours (1600W), solar energy that is clean, green, and renewable can fully charge the Delta Pro solar generator. 90% of external solar panels with MC4 connectors are compatible with DELTA Pro thanks to its wide voltage range of 11-150V. Additionally, when the weather changes abruptly, the intelligent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) instantly makes adjustments to maximise your solar energy throughout the day.


What Does The Delta Pro's Flowcharge Mean?


Especially when you're off the grid, charging your portable power station has always been a challenge. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro can quickly and from a variety of charging sources thanks to FlowCharge! With X-Stream, the DELTA Pro offers the quickest wall outlet charging in the world. For the first time ever, you can even charge at EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations. You can get up to 3400W of quick charging from an EV station. (Connector J1772 is not included with the Delta Pro; charger type: Level 2).

The Delta Pro can be charged using a solar panel, a wind turbine, or even an in-car charging connector if you're off the grid. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro has a solar panel that can provide up to 4200W of charging power.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station


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