About EcoFlow

"Our mission since day one has been to create the most innovative, eco-friendly power solutions to untether individuals, families, and societies. We aim to empower our users with meaningful innovation, helping people across the world to live, dream, and explore without limits." With this being EcoFlow's goal, we decided to invest in being an EcoFlow retailer and specialising in product advice for them, we know they have a team of experts constantly working on technology and new products/changes to ensure the best sustainable energy products are on the market by them. EcoFlow believes everyone has the right to access power, a group of engineers set up EcoFlow to power a new world.

How Did EcoFlow Start?

Everyone should be able to get to the top. We started in 2017 with a group of battery experts who wanted to power a new world by moving the world away from old power sources and towards a future of sustainable, renewable power. EcoFlow is the industry leader in portable power solutions, solar technology, and the world's first smart home environment.

Why Did We Choose EcoFlow?

We chose to stock EcoFlow as they have been in the Energy product industry for over 5 years and have had great reviews and are becoming very popular, they've even created other products such as a portable fridge-freezer which is the first integrated freezer, or the robotic lawn mower called the 'blade', having route planning and obstacle avoidance it's a great and unique piece of equipment.

As the market leaders, we're a proud retailer to have such a great brand that we can fully back, with a wide range of portable power stations, and our team of experts who can advise you on which one you'll need - you can't go wrong shopping here, not only will you receive the best advice/support, but you'll get the best products also that are reliable & great.

EcoFlow Technology

EcoFlow use all kinds of technology for their products, one being X-Stream technology, there are three parts to fast charging: current, voltage, and watts. Amperage is how much electricity is moving, voltage is how fast the electricity is moving, and watts is just the product of amperage and voltage. X-Stream works by safely raising the charging rate and voltage, which makes the electric flow go up. X-Stream technology is the fast tech right now for portable power stations.