How To Become Energy Independent With Energy Safe Store

How To Become Energy Independent With Energy Safe Store

What Does Energy Independence Mean?

There are two main different definitions of energy independence, national energy independence and personal energy independence.

What Is National Energy Independence?

National Energy Independence can be defined A nation that exports more energy products than it imports, such as coal, natural gas, and petroleum products. This means that the country purchases less energy products from other countries therefore making it independent as it is not reliant.

What Is Personal Energy Independence?

When a home is completely self-sufficient in supplying all of its energy requirements without depending on the electrical grid, this is known as personal energy independence. Solar power is the most popular way to achieve personal energy independence.

Achieving personal energy independence through solar as a homeowner can liberate you from exorbitantly high electricity bills and erratic market fluctuations. Although it requires a sizeable investment, achieving energy independence pays off in the long run.

Why Is Energy Independence Important?

Energy independence is crucial on a national scale because it can help reduce reliance on foreign energy sources while boosting a nation's economic stability and growth. Additionally, a nation's defences against regional fluctuations in the energy market can be strengthened by energy independence. 

Independence from foreign energy sources is crucial on a personal level. By reducing your reliance on external power sources, you can avoid rising energy costs and potential service interruptions brought on by extreme weather conditions and deteriorating grid infrastructure. 

How To Become Energy Independent Using Energy Safe Store:

 At Energy Safe Store we are an independent retailer EcoFlows portable power generators which are sustainable and use renewable energy sources such as Solar. By using portable power generators you will gain energy independence as you are no longer reliant on the grid. This is a huge benefit because you will not be affected by power outages and shortages. It is also a much cheaper alternative as solar energy is a free, infinite energy source unlike fossil fuels such as coal which are running out and becoming increasingly more expensive. Another key benefit of using EcoFlow and their generators is that you will not be polluting the environment with carbon monoxide which increases global warming and has detrimental effects to our planet.

Here Are The Best Generators Become Energy Independent:

EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station 1600

This powerful generator is suitable for any circumstance. It is ideal for home backup, camping, and living off the grid.

The EcoFlow Delta Max has a large capacity and can output 2400WH, allowing it to power multiple devices concurrently without overheating.

DELTA Max can be charged from 0% to 80% capacity in approximately one hour. It keeps getting better. You can charge DELTA Max more quickly by combining AC with the Smart Generator, AC with solar power, or the Smart Generator with solar power.

By connecting to up to two 400W each EcoFlow solar panels, DELTA Max is able to provide 800W Max solar charging speeds. Your DELTA Max has a solar connection and a voltage range of 11 to 100V, so you can also attach additional solar panels to it. Our clever maximum power point tracking (MPPT) system will automatically monitor voltage and current in real time, even on days when the weather is chilly or dark, giving you the most potential solar output throughout the day.

Here Are The Best Generators Become Energy Independent:

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station

Despite its diminutive size, this generator packs a punch. The EcoFlow River 2 is the dream of every explorer. This portable generator enables you to receive power from anywhere in the world and maintain connectivity. Due to its small size and light weight, this can be carried anywhere. Whether you're going backpacking or want to work on the summit of a mountain, this is the ideal portable energy device for you.

EcoFlow's revolutionary X-Stream Technology revolutionises portable power station charging speed by eliminating the need for bulky adapters. The RIVER 2 has a built-in smart inverter that allows for quick charging. Charging time - 0 to 80% in 48 minutes and 0 to 100% in 60 minutes - one of the fastest charging Portable Battery Generators on the market. That isn't all. The RIVER 2 weighs only 3.5KG and is powered by an integrated lithium iron phosphate battery.

Smart Generator Dual Fuel:

The ultimate last line of defence for off-grid home solar power systems is the EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel). When solar power isn't available, the Smart Generator automatically starts up if you need to charge your DELTA Pro(s) (if you want it to). 

Both petrol and propane (LPG) can be used to power the Smart Generator Dual Fuel. Depending on your preferences, it can switch between the two for you or it can do it for you automatically. 

Despite being a fossil fuel, propane burns much more cleanly than petrol or diesel. If protecting the environment is a factor in your decision to switch to solar, you can find solace in the fact that propane generators emit about half as much CO2 as gas or diesel ones. 

Additionally, it uses very little fuel. With a 40% increase in efficiency over other fossil fuel generators charging portable power stations, the Smart Generator can fully recharge your DELTA Pro in just 2.7 hours. This translates into lower fuel costs and emissions.

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