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Jackery was established in 2012 in California, USA, with the goal of providing green energy to everyone, everywhere. Two years after launching the first outdoor portable power stations in the world in 2016, Jackery created the first portable solar panels. Jackery, which brought solar generators into the vast outdoors, meets all of the needs of nature lovers for power, encouraging them to go further on their explorations and seek for even more spectacular experiences. We urge outdoor enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy the great outdoors responsibly while cooperating to preserve the environment and create a better future.

Explore In A More Sustainable Way


For portable power units and solar generators, Jackery has successfully applied for 295 patents, including 36 invention patents, 106 utility model patents, and 153 design patents. It has won 40 prestigious international honours, including the CES Innovation honours, Red Dot Design Awards, IF Design Awards, and A'Design Award & Competition.

Recent Achievements & Success Within Jackery


Launched the new Flagship Solar Generator 1500 & 3000 Pro, CES 2023 Best Of Innovation award, CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. Jackery have really set foot in the power market offering sustainable energy products for everyone!